BrewNewbz is here to help those who are curious about homebrewing beer. Getting started can be overwhelming. BrewNewbz will keep things simple!

After developing a taste for craft beer, I had been wanting to try my hand at homebrewing for a long while, but was daunted by the amount of information available. So many acronyms (DME,LME,BIAB,SG,OG,FG,CF, FV, HLB, LT, MT, MM...). So many variations in brew setups. Where to start? It seemed the interwebz were missing a definitive resource for beginners. There are a bunch of great homebrewing communities out there, but BrewNewbz is meant to help get you started quickly and painlessly. BrewNewbz will scour the interwebz and sample various methods to report back to you, the newbz, so that the most relevant information is easy for you to find!

Homebrewing beer should be an accessible hobby for anyone, anywhere. Seriously, how cool is the idea of DIY beer?! Now, get out there and brew something!

Newb Homebrewer Emily drinking a beer

Beer Lover

College taught me how to drink. Philadelphia taught me what to drink. Life's too short. Ain't nobody got time for Budweiser macro brews.

Brew Newb

Motivated by a passion for craft beer and DIY, I'm starting out as a newb with a mission to help all other newbz! Someday, I will brew a Pumpkin Peach Ale, because of you Budweiser.

Netflix Glutton

Ahh, there's nothing like kicking back to binge on several hours of quality tv marathoned into your eyeballs at 45Mbps.

Fueled By Beers consumed while making BrewNewbz

Thanks Gracias, Merci, Todah!

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