Learning how to brew can be both overwhelming and overcomplicated. BrewNewbz will keep things simple. Below are two suggested shopping lists for getting started quickly. If you want to just try brewing out once or twice for fun, go with option 1. If you want to pick this up as a hobby, go with option 2.

Want to get started quickly and simply? Looking for a gift or novelty? Look no further!

Brooklyn Brew Shop Kit for homebrewing all grain beer

Option 1) Easy Start - Brooklyn Brew Shop Kits

Purchase a Brooklyn Brew Shop kit and make sure you have a few extra supplies on hand. This is the easiest way to get started on a real all-grain homebrewing experience. It will only run you $40 on Amazon. The kit supplies you with nearly everything you need to get started and comes with easy to follow instructions. This is the go-to option if you're not certain that you'll stick with homebrewing in the long run, if space for brewing equipment is a concern, or if you just want to try brewing as a novelty. There are other kits out there, but I recommend this one for its authenticity.

Supplemental Shopping List

In addition to picking up the Brooklyn kit, you'll want to make sure you have the following items on hand for brew day:

Stirring Spoon. You'll need a long spoon that's easily sanitized for stirring the grains within your stockpot.

12-Quart stockpot. A 12-quart Stainless Steel Stockpot will hold enough to brew the Brooklyn kit with room for your grains and boiling. You may want to pick up two of these if you don't already have another sanitized container that can hold a bunch of boiling-hot liquid as you remove the grains through a strainer.

10-inch Fine Mesh Strainer. You'll need a strainer to remove the majority of the grains from liquid.

Wide-mouthed funnel. You'll need a funnel to pour the liquid into the glass jug.

Ready for an upgrade? Looking for a delicious hobby?

this setup includes almost everything needed for a real 5 gallon homemade allgrain batch of beer

Option 2) Dive into the deep end - 3.5 to 5 Gallon All-Grain Brewing

Already brewed a simple batch before? Convinced that you're going to stick with homebrewing? If either of these are true, you're probably better off with a more advanced kit. You can pick these 5-gallon kits up on amazon for anywhere from $70 - $500 depending on how fancy you want to get. The picture to the left is the brewing starter kit that I recommend for getting started ($68 with free shipping on Amazon). Of course, you can also source the parts individually if you already have some parts that you see in the kit. It's usually more expensive to buy everything separately though.

Once you have this kit, there's many methods of brewing that you can pursue. I advise the brew-in-a-bag all grain method. This has the authenticity of "real brewing" but cuts costs and time spent per batch by removing the need for a few other peices of equipment. You can then easily scale up from here if you want to buy new brewing equipment, or continue to use this kit if you want to maintain a budget.

Supplemental Shopping List

If you go with this kit, or one like it, I suggest picking up these additional optional items:

44-Quart Stockpot. You'll want a Stainless Steel Stockpot that holds between 36 and 44 Quarts when you're ready to make a 5 gallon batch. Watch out for stockpots that claim to be "5 gallons" because they tend to hold less than that even when filled to the brim.
Large fine mesh bag. You'll throw your grains in here during the boil which will simplify the brewing process. Well worth the $5!
Hydrometer Vessel. This graduated cylinder will help you measure the alcohol content of your beer by holding the sample. You can skip this item if you have a container that's long, narrow, and sanitized.
Beer Thief. This is actually a turkey baster, but it will serve the same purpose of pulling a sample of beer from your fermenter to put into your hydrometer vessel.
Stirring Spoon. If you're skipping straight to the 5-gallon kits, be sure to pick up a long spoon to stir with that can be easily sanitized.
Digital Thermometer. Boiling to specific temperatures is an important part of the brewing process. This cool digital thermometer has a clip to hold in place on your brew kettle and a includes an alarm to alert you when the boil has reached a temperature that you specify.
Ingredients. To start, it's easiest to buy ingredient kits. As you progress, you can begin to tweak ingredients and make your own recipes. Northern Brewer has a variety of ingredient-kits that will get you started. You should also take a look on Google to find your local homebrew shop. In addition to carrying supplies, local shops are a great resource for information.